My Qualifications and Experience

Formal qualifications:
I hold the ABC Level 6 Diploma in Arboriculture, the ABC Level 3 Technicians Certificate in Arboriculture, and the Certificate in Arboriculture of the Royal Forestry Society. I was awarded the Lockhart Garrett trophy in 2016, for arboricultural excellence to the outstanding student.

Practical experience:
After practical training in arboriculture I worked for a local firm as an Arborist (tree surgeon). In 1999 I set up my own tree work contracting business and continued developing this for fifteen years until 2014. In 2014 I finished contracting to focus full time on consultancy.

Professional experience:
I have been dealing with tree assessment throughout my arboricultural career, advising clients as part of my contracting business.
In 2011, I attended and passed the LANTRA Professional Tree Inspection course, which is the premier tree inspection accreditation scheme in the UK. I have also worked as an external consultant to Hampshire County Council advising on tree safety.

Continuing professional development:
I believe it is important to keep up to date with new research and legislation, so that I can provide relevant and up to date advice. As a professional member of the Arboricultural Association I am required to achieve 30 hours of professional development every year. Due to my passion and interest for trees I regularly exceed this target. Recently I have furthered my knowledge in Tree Risk Assessment, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Management of Trees on Development Sites, and Veteran Tree Management.