Trees and Development

Arboricultural input is an essential element of successful integration of trees and development. The earlier in the project that I join your team, the more cost effective my role will be.

I can help you with the whole process:

  • Initial site feasibility surveys, to help your master-planning design-work.
  • Full Tree surveys, with Tree Constraint and Opportunity plans, to help your design team, so you know what you can achieve.
  • I will work with your design team, to find you solutions for tree and building integration, This will increase the profit of your project, because trees add value to developments.
  • I produce all documents and drawings required by the Planning Authority to a high standard. These include; Arboricultural Impact Assessments; Tree protection plans; Detailed Method Statements; all incorporating new money-saving and value enhancing concepts for construction near trees.

Arboricultural reports for mortgage and insurance purposes

Tree reports requested by mortgage or insurance companies during house buying are often required at short notice. I can produce you a report for this purpose, quickly and efficiently, to minimise the delays for your house move.

Health safety, condition and risk assessment

I regularly assess the condition of trees and the risk they pose. Sometimes this is to comply with the statutory duty of care, or it may be to give you - a concerned owner - peace of mind.

Pests and diseases

When your tree is attacked by a pest or disease, it must use its energy to defend its self. This will stress your tree and can cause it to decline and sometimes die. I can diagnose the problem and provide you with expert advice on the management options for your tree, promoting the tree’s health and longevity for the future, so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your valuable asset.

Tree preservation orders

Trees that are protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPO's) may require remedial work and sometimes require removal. Consent from the local authority is required to carry out works to a protected tree (subject to a few exceptions).

I have a very high success rate, and can help you with the following:

  • TPO applications for works
  • TPO appeals
  • Representations
  • Objections